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Hi! I'm Nick, your new Best Friend with a Camera™️!

I've photographed people and things all over the world, from Los Angeles to New York, London, Paris, and the deserts of Peru.  I've worked with seasoned celebrities who live in front of the camera, and nervous newbies just starting out on their chosen career path. No matter who or where I'm shooting, I always make sure my clients feel comfy and have fun so we can bring out the very best of who you are!


Picture it -- Los Angeles, 2006.  A fresh-faced (enough) Nick arrives from New Jersey with my Kia and my cat.  An aspiring actor and comedian, I taught myself to edit videos and photos for self-promotion.  Eventually my friends saw how good my editing work was and soon I was inundated with requests to "Dear Lord baby Jesus please help salvage these terrible headshots I just blew a grand on from this photographer who was so mean to me to boot!"  Mean?  Well no wonder everyone's photos were coming out stiff and unattractive!  After seeing this happen enough times, I realized I both A., also knew how to work a camera, and B., actually liked making people feel comfortable, beautiful, and good about themselves, so it just seemed natural that this was the direction I should go in!

Having been in front of the camera myself for so many years, I understand how frustrating photo shoots can be.  I've definitely had my headshots taken by photographers who didn't make me feel comfortable in my own skin, or like I was somehow a nuisance for paying them to shoot me.  I was afraid to tell them how I wanted to be seen or that I wasn't happy with the direction of the shoot.  I used to think I was just the kind of person who hated having their picture taken, and I think this is an excuse that a lot of us use, but the success of Instagram, Snapchat, and VSCO prove otherwise.  Deep down, we all love ourselves and want to be seen -- sometimes it's just hard to find the right person to help us with that.  

I'm here to bring out that magnetism that I see in you.  I'm here to help you show the world everything you are.  I'm here to make sure that every single shot gets you your 1,000 words.



Still don't believe me?  You don't have to! Take it from these guys instead!

"I worked with Nick for an extended headshot session with a bunch of wardrobe changes and a brand new hair & facial hair look for me, an actor. You can tell looking at my proofs how comfortable and confident I became the more time I spent with them: my smiles are genuine, my posture is more powerful, my shots are just better - that's all Nick. They even noticed and let me get back into one of my earlier wardrobe looks because they wanted me to have the best shots possible - sure enough one of those second-try shots is my new headshot. They're fun and cultivate a great positive environment but also knows there's a job to do, so they crack a joke here and there and make some small talk, but don't take up your time you're paying for with superfluous crap. Even when they changed lighting or backdrops - BAM - they were done in a heartbeat and we were back to action. You can tell they're very knowledgable, knows their way around all photography hardware and technique, and takes their work - what they owe you for your money - very seriously. In short - PROFESSIONAL. But like I said, friendly, encouraging, positive, FUNNY - just a real pleasant experience. Headshot shoots make me feel so awkward and lame and I had that chip on my shoulder when I started our session, but like I said, I was completely light and confident by the end - all thanks to Nick. Book them - worth every penny."

-- John Druska, Actor

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